Lexenzolab is a group of professional game developers. We create tools to augment real projects of our own, so they are always tested, and always being expanded and developed. Our goal is make game developing more effective and easier. 

Our assets:

Inspector Math Expressions is a tiny Editor extension,

which allows you to edit formulas directly in Inspector without recompilation code!

Why is the best approach?

Good game balance is an important part of the game.

Formulas are one of main part, which is constantly being edited. Every time recompile the project - is a terrible idea!

Especially if you have a game designer in a team, he could easily edit balance formulas directly in the game without modifying the code.

If your game has already been published, and you want to upgrade the game balance -  it is not a problem.

Simply update asset bundles with formulas - and you have a new game balance (update asset bundles is not included in this asset). Especially it is important for iOS, which updated version of the application can take up to 10 days.

With Inspector Math Expressions you will:

Supports all platforms.

A lot of time can be spent finding object or asset in the Scene or Project hierarchies, or going back to an object or asset you edited moments ago.

Selection Navigation is a tiny Editor extension, which allows you to navigate between previously selected objects or assets using hotkeys, navigation bar or context menu.

Pro Balance

Pro Balance is a great plugin for editing game balance directly from Unity Editor.

Coming soon in Unity Asset Store!

Ask any questions : support@lexenzolab.com